Our Honey

Our honey is 100% pure unpasteurized organic honey. We currently have 43 hives at 11 apiaries around Strathmore. The main nectar source are alfalfa, clover, wildflowers, and canola. We do not use chemicals in any of our hives nor in the honey production.

We have won several awards for taste and quality in the last three years at competitions at the Calgary Beekeepers Association.


Please be aware that there are many honey products on the market today that are sold as natural, local, or organic but they may contain additives like liquid sugar or corn syrup or other ingredients. Check your sources and ask some questions to make sure you are getting the "pure" honey that you are paying for!

There are many small Alberta producers that believe that "pure" should be "pure"...buy from them!

Our honey is 100% genuine honey; "100% pure" "100% local" and is "unpasteurized" and "organic".

Liquid Honey

Liquid honey is a very natural form of honey that has been spun and cleaned, and will vary in color from nearly clear to a dark brown. These color variations are naturally caused by the food and pollen that the bees are harvesting. These variation in color or clarity are also indicators that the flavours will vary.

Honey 500mlLiquid Honey, 500ml $9

Honey 750mlLiquid Honey, 750ml $16

Honey 3kgLiquid Honey, 3kg $45

Liquid Buckwheat Honey

Honeybees that collect and process the nectar of buckwheat flowers create a dark honey characterized by a full, robust flavor. While buckwheat honey can range in color from coppery yellow to purple or nearly black, the average jar is dark amber with a reddish tint when held to the light. Compare with lighter-coloured varieties, buckwheat isn't as sweet and tastes similar to molasses. The basis composition and nutritional profile of all types of honey are relatively the same, but buckwheat has a higher concentration of micronutrients, trace elements and anti-oxidant compounds. Daily consumption of honey has been shown to improve blood antioxidant levels and help to prevent lipid peroxidation or damage to lipids-such as cholesterol-by free radicals. Dark honey has the highest concentration of phenolic compounds. The concentration of anti-oxidants in buckwheat honey is gram-for-gram comparable to that of tomatoes and other anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables.

Please note that we out-source our buckwheat honey from other beekeepers as our apiaries do not have access to buckwheat crop.

Buckwheat 500mlBuckwheat Honey, 500ml $12

Buckwheat 750mlBuckwheat Honey, 750ml $20

Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is white in color and a little thicker.

Creamed Honey 250mlCreamed Honey, 250ml $7

Creamed Honey 500mlCreamed Honey, 500ml $15

Taking Care of Beesness

When we help the bees to do what they do, we are rewarded with sweetness!