About the Jobsons

Mark and Sonya took a backyard beekeeping seminar one Saturday in 2015. They both enjoyed it thoroughly and decided they should get a hive for their backyard. Unfortunately Strathmore's bylaws would not allow bees within town limits.

They still wanted to proceed with their bee dream and put up flyers at the local hardware store looking for places outside of town for bee hives. Mark and their son Derek took a full basic beekeeping course and ordered 3 nucs. Then they joined the Calgary and District Beekeepers Association and ordered a package of bees. They got everything ready, made their hardware and received their bees later that summer.

In September of that year they travelled to Europe, and Mark spent the entire 12 hour flight there and back reading everything he could find about bees. Some of the books he read and recommends are:

  • The Book of Beekeeping by W.B.Webster,
  • Beekeeping for Beginners by Beth Brown,
  • Mysteries of Beekeeping explained by Moses Quinley, and
  • Beekeeping in Western Canada.
All of these books are good reading but nothing like hands on experience.

Mark's mentor from the club, Harold, allowed Mark to look after 60 colonies the first season. Some days Mark would actually say "what the hell am I doing", he felt overwhelmed but stuck with it! Harold and Mark spent a lot of time talking about things not mentioned in the books or Mark missed while reading them.

Now four years later, Mark and Sonya have 11 apiaries and well on to our way to 100 hives.

Mark has taken the Queen Rearing Course with John Gates and Bill Stagg.

Sonya gets to enjoy going out in the evenings, watching the bees bring in pollen on their legs and feel the energy of them buzzing around. She also gets to enjoy the best honey ever!

Beekeeping is hard work but so rewarding!

Sonya looks forward to retirement when she can get into the wax products.

Mark and Sonya would highly recommend raising bees to anyone, even if it's just a hive or two. During winter Mark often says he sure misses his "girls".

The Mark and Sonya team are fully qualified to handle any of your bee needs, and they produce top-quality affordable "pure local unpasteurized" honey.

For a year and a half Mark has been trying to get Strathmore to approve urban beekeeping, and it has now happened with the help of Council and other town staff. On April 4, 2019 Mark was given the privilege of being the first person in Strathmore licenced to keep bees at their residence. That option is now open to all residents that meet the Bylaw requirements.

Contact Information

"Bees-on-a-Quest" is a home based business located in Strathmore, Alberta. We have our hives stratigically positioned around neighbouring farmland crops for nectar and pollen collection.

Our mailing address is:

311 Thistle Way
Strathmore, Alberta

To Buy Honey

Please direct all of your questions or inquiries about honey purchases to Sonya at her email, just click Sonya or call 403-361-9666.

For Bee Handling or Bee Purchases

Inquiries for bee purchases, nucs or boxes can be emailed to Mark, just click Mark or call him for bee removals and swarms at 403-874-1639.


Taking care of BEESness!