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Have you ever wondered which bees produce honey, or where do they make the honey, or where can I buy some of natures honey, or where can I buy some bees, or how do I get rid of those bees in my wall? Hopefully we will have some of those questions answered right here! If we don't, call us and we'll do our best to answer it.

What are Honey Bees?

Honey bees are the good ones that produce honey. There are a lot of different types of bees out there that produce honey, either for their own use as wild bees or for commercial use for us beekeepers.

There are a couple of helpful pamphlets available from the Alberta Government that help to identify the various bees in our province. Click on Alberta Bees or Bee Identification Guide to get your copies.

If you are interested in taking up beekeeping as a hobby or as a source of income, you may want to start by reading this article available from the Province of Alberta, click Beekeeping for Beginners.

This website will provide general information on bees, honey, and bee items of interest. A Swarm

If you see a swarm that looks anything like this, call Mark at 403-874-1639. He will investigate and take care of the swarm with minimal discomfort for the bees. That will cost you nothing but a phone call, it's a "free" service!

And let's not forget about the honey we produce. It is from our local bees that are managed by us in an environmental friendly manner, and harvested in an ethical manner for the bees. It is as close to organic as you can get! It is NOT mass produced nor processed with artificial additives or sugars, it is...



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